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"Ecouton Audiolabor Custom Shop" Classics of the highest level!


So-called vintage loudspeakers or retro loudspeakers from the heyday of hi-fi history have their entitlement today too – many were already possessed of great properties then and with today’s possibilities can be most effectively “up-dated”. This statement is no empty claim; indeed it describes our everyday business, with which we have been occupied for many years.                                                     We have a few outstanding items available that have been brought up to the very best condition both visually and in terms of sound quality. They have been equipped with the finest Mundorf parts and in many cases the cabinets have been newly painted or varnished.                                                                                    In sound terms they are fine and precise holding their own, in every sense, with today’s really exceptional loudspeakers. These eminently desirable classics are for sale in our Lemgo location!                                                                                 Start here =>