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Who are our suppliers and partners?

The Klangmeister network is an affiliation of companies who simply feel that listening to music must really bring about great enjoyment. Originally established by Dieter Fricke out network is constantly growing. Many companies, with comparable ideals, have found a very comfortable place within the Klangmeister network. They contribute their specialist knowledge and their individual and unique motivation injects new inspiration on the quest of attaining the best possible result. These companies bear no comparison with hi-fi dealers who are compelled to implement quite different and constrasting approaches.

The list of activities and companies Klangmeister supports is as broad as it is long: it ranges from companies overhauling top quality consumer electronics, to music publishers bound by the same ideals to produce excellent recording technologies e.g. Dabringhaus und Grimm. They can also be individual personalities offering courses for students of “loudspeaker building”.

Schools today treat the subject of sound quality in today’s media or data formats in the same way as they inform on the health dangers involved in the use of today’s playback machines. Klangmeister also supports culture and the staging of concert performances.