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We are the loudspeaker experts of the “Klangmeister Service Network", established by Dieter Fricke amost 15 years ago in Lemgo – the team specialises in

  • Loudspeaker development – with over 50 years of continuous experience

  • Chassis repair (eg. surroundings)– over 2.000 carried out since 2001

  • Loudspeaker reengineering – over 1.200 pairs to date

  • Realisation of their individual sound presentation

Our goal is to obtain for you the greatest possible enjoyment from the speakers of which you have grown so very fond.


Through and within our network the Lengo team concentrates on loudspeaker repair (e.g. defective membranes, mounting and suspension). But more significantly, we optimise the inner liveliness of the loudspeaker enclosures particularly when the technological condition has deteriorated through age.